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Prostate Summits

The Prostate Cancer 2020 Summit was held online on Friday 4 December and Friday 11 December. Co-chaired by Professors Jeremy Millar and Damien Bolton, it included a policy context presentation and two consumer videos. The Victorian Tumour Summits Steering Committee Chair A/Prof Paul Mitchell spoke on the first prostate summit, held in 2016.


Since this time, clinicians, Integrated Cancer Services and Primary Health Networks – along with NGOs – have worked to reduce unwarranted variations in prostate cancer care. The 2020 Summit, with 84 active participants, shared outcomes from 2016, reviewed recent data and identified variations. The inclusion of consumers provided insight into patient and carer experience of Victorian prostate cancer care.

Prostate Cancer 2020 Clinical Working Party

  • Prof Jeremy Millar (Co-chair)

  • Prof Damien Bolton (Co-chair)

  • A/Prof Paul Mitchell

  • A/Prof Declan Murphy

  • A/Prof Justin Tse

  • Prof Ian Davis

  • A/Prof Sue Evans

  • Dr Keen-Hun Tai

  • Dr David Pook

  • Mr Mark Frydenberg

  • Mr Paul Kearns

  • Mr Rohan Hall

  • Mr Nathan Lawrentschuk

  • Dr Mahesh Iddawela

  • Mr Lachlan Dodds

Prostate Cancer 2020 Summit Material

Prostate Summit Material 2020
Prostate Cancer 2020 Summit Policy Context Presentation

Ms Melissa Arduca,

Acting Assistant Director of Cancer Strategy & Development, Department of Health & Human Services

Policy Context

Ms Kathryn Whitfield, Director of Cancer and Aged Care - Commissioning, DHHS, drew attention to the updated Victorian cancer plan 2020–2024. New to the plan are short- and medium-term goals and the embedding of optimal care pathways (OCPs).


Summits contribute to the plan's reform agenda by benchmarking statewide cancer care against the OCPs. Summits aim to generate improvement activities that make a meaningful difference to care and can be measured and monitored.

Prostate Cancer 2020 Summit Data Presentation

Data Variations

Summit working party co-chairs, Professors Jeremy Millar and Damien Bolton, presented data during the first session. Professor Millar presented for the second session.

For discussion from session one were:


  1. Consumers experienced variation in information and support at diagnosis and during treatment planning

  2. Variation in access to multidisciplinary meeting discussion

  3. Variation in access to prostatectomy by SEIFA status and geography

  4. Variation in surgical volumes

  5. Variation in access to RT (brachytherapy) balance of surgery and radiotherapy

Prostate Cancer 2020 Summit Consumer Recommendations Presentation 1
Prostate Cancer 2020 Summit Consumer Recommendations Presentation 2

Consumer Perspective: Prostate Cancer

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