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Pancreatic resectability project update

Charles Pilgrim, SMICS and NEMICS

The pancreatic resectability project is an opportunity to shift patient outcomes by consistent and standardised radiological synoptic reporting, in this way providing valuable inputs into MDM discussion for patient surgery and therapy recommendations. The pilot conducted at Austin and Alfred Health concludes 30 September, 2021. A final report is currently planned for submission to the Department of Health in December. The steering committee will meet in September to look at the transition of the pilot at the two health services and the way forward in terms of the possible adoption of the tool at other key pancreatic centres that hold a HPB MDM.

To date, the synoptic tool has been applied to over 80 patients and participating radiologists certainly perceive value in using it to systematically and consistently assess CT scans. Positive feedback has been received from at least two surgeons associated with the project.

One of the key challenges of the project is associated with collecting the synoptic report data for externally generated CT scans at a local health service. For the purposes of the pilot the project team worked in partnership with the UGICR – radiologists can currently complete a synoptic report template hosted by the registry. A key consideration for the future includes the completion of a synoptic report at a health service, given that a significant proportion of CT scans considered at HPB MDMs are generated by outside providers, and therefore do not reside in local radiology information systems.

Abstracts of the project are being prepared for COSA and a presentation on the pilot will be held at the Pancreatic Cancer 2021 Summit in October.


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