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Oesophagogastric Cancer summit 2024

The first consultation in the new phase of the VICS Optimal Care Summits program, starting August 2023, will focus on oesophagogastric (upper gastrointestinal) cancer. Consultation and engagement will take place over the next few months, leading up to a summit event in early 2024.

A strategy of the Victorian Cancer Plan 2020–2024, the VICS Optimal Care Summits program (formerly the Victorian Tumour Summits) delivers strategic consultation, multidisciplinary engagement, data and information analysis, and reporting to identify unwarranted variations in clinical practice and cancer outcomes – and priority activities to address them.

As its new name suggests, the program supports implementation of Australia’s Optimal Care Pathways (OCPs). Evidence, engagement findings, and statewide data will be benchmarked against OCP guidelines and between different geographic regions in Victoria.

If your work includes care or support for patients in Victoria with OG/upper GI cancer, and you would like to be included in our current consultation, please add your details to our quick web form by 22 September 2023:


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