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Data analyses from Breast Cancer and Pancreatic Cancer summits

Optimal Care Pathway data summary reports based on our last two summits are now available from the Victorian Department of Health.

A summary of data analyses from our 2021 Breast Cancer Summit reports variations in:

  • documented evidence of multidisciplinary meeting (MDM) recommendations for treatment in the central medical record

  • documented evidence of supportive care screening

  • timeliness of care – From diagnosis to surgery, from surgery to adjuvant chemotherapy, and from surgery to radiotherapy

  • what information is provided to patients, and how, at diagnosis and during treatment

  • overall coordination of care

A summary of data analyses from our 2022 Pancreatic Cancer Summit reports that, since our earlier Pancreatic Cancer Summit in 2017, we have seen:

  • an increase in the proportion of surgery patients that receive neoadjuvant therapy (up from 4% to 16%)

  • national expansion of a project promoting standardised imaging reporting of whether a tumour is resectable

  • introduction of new tools like QOOL-Vic to support improved multidisciplinary meetings (MDMs)

  • promising work on automatic, universal referral to palliative care.

  • opportunities for further improvement, though, include:

  • variation in MDM participation rates

  • variation in documented supportive care screening rates

  • statewide timeliness of care

  • statewide rates of palliative care and timely palliative care.


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