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Pancreatic Summits

The Pancreatic Cancer 2022 Summit was held online due to covid considerations. Ninety active participants learned of improvements to Victorian pancreatic cancer care since the 2017 summit. The latest statewide data on variations in care, according to the optimal care pathway for people with pancreatic cancer, were presented by clincial working party co-chairs A/Prof Charles Pilgrim and Prof Niall Tebbutt.

Pancreatic Cancer 2022 Clinical Working Party

  • A/Prof Charles Pilgrim

  • Prof Niall Tebbutt

  • A/Prof Saleh Abbas

  • Dr Rob Blum

  • Dr Dan Croagh

  • Dr Michelle Gold

  • Dr Richard Khor

  • Dr Belinda Lee

  • A/Prof Lara Lipton

  • Dr Ben Loveday

  • Dr Andrew Lowe

  • Dr Mehrdad Nikfarjam

  • Dr Jennifer Philip

  • Dr Simone Steel

  • A/Prof Valery Usatoff

  • Prof John Zalcberg

Pancreatic Cancer 2022 Summit Material

Pancreatic Summit Material 2022
Pancreatic 2022 Summit Introduction Presentation

A/Prof Paul Mitchell

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Pancreatic 2022 Summit Policy Context Presentation

Ms Karen Botting

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Progress since the
2017 Summit

Presented by A/Prof Charles Pilgrim 

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Data presentation
Pancreatic Cancer 2022 Summit Data Presentation

Presented by A/Prof Charles Pilgrim and Prof Niall Tebbutt

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Data Variations

A/Prof Charles Pilgrim and Prof Niall Tebbutt delivered the Summit data presentation. Variations identified for discussion by Summit participants were:

1. Variation in the MDM participation rates across ICS and campuses within ICS – target of 85% (documented statewide average MDM rates of 73%) (links to consumer variation four: sufficient tissue sample size and early, accessible and affordable genomic profiling)

2. Variation in documented supportive care screening rates across and within ICS – target of 80% (documented statewide average of 36%) (links to consumer variation five: early referral to supportive care and support for carers)

consumer presentation
Pancreatic Cancer 2022 Summit: The Importance of Hope 

Patient and Carer Recommendations
Presented by
Rita Surendar and Cherie Dear

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Care Plus early palliative care integration project

Professor Jennifer Philip

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Consumer Perspective: Pancreatic Cancer

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