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Melanoma Summit

The Melanoma 2022 Summit, co-chaired by A/Profs Phil Parente and Victoria Mar, was held Friday 14 October with 83 active participants in attendance. This Summit is the first in the newly activated melanoma tumour stream for the Summits program, and also the first hybrid event held.

Clinical Working Party

  • Co-chair Prof Phil Parente

  • Co-chair A/Prof Victoria Mar

  • Dr Margaret Chua

  • Dr Ian Devlin

  • Dr Tom Dewar

  • A/Prof David Gyorki

  • A/Prof Andrew Haydon

  • Marisa Ianzano

  • Dr Mahesh Iddawela

  • A/Prof David Kok

  • Prof Grant McArthur

  • Dr George Pratt

  • Prof Mark Shackleton

  • Dr Kortnye Smith

  • A/Prof Craig Underhill

  • Dr Shelley Walder

Melanoma 2022 Summit Material

Melanoma 2022 Summit materia
Melanoma 2022 Summit Introduction

A/Prof Paul Mitchell

Melanoma 2022 Summit Policy Context

Ms Karen Botting

Department of Health

Melanoma 2022 Summit Consumer Recommendations

Presented by consumer leads

Peter Gourlay and 

Steve Edmonton

Melanoma 2022 Summit Data  Presentation

A/Prof Phil Parente

Melanoma 2022 Summit 
POLAR Primary Health Data

Dr Malcolm Clark

Clinical Associate Professor at the Department of General Practice and teacher at Melbourne Medical School

Melanoma 2022 Summit Recap

A/Prof Victoria Mar

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