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Lung Summits

Professor Robert Thomas, Chief Cancer Advisor Department of Health, opened the event highlighting the importance of clinical networks to drive statewide improvements in cancer care and outcomes.  

Clinical Working Party

  • Prof David Ball (Chair)     

  • A/Prof Paul Mitchell     

  • Dr Craig Underhill     

  • Dr Jeremy Ruben     

  • Dr Rob Stirling     

  • Dr Andreas Baisch     

  •  Dr Richard De Boer     

  •  Dr Gary Richardson     

  •  Mr Gavin Wright     

  •  Dr Michael MacManus     

  •  Dr Jackie Yoong     

  •  Mr Andrew Barling     

  •  Dr Danielle Mazza   

Lung Cancer 2014 Summit Material

Lung Summit Material 2014
Lung Cancer 2014 Summit Data Presentation

Important Variations from the Summit

Professor David Ball, Chair of the Lung Cancer 2014 Summit Clinical Working Party, presented available data about the current state of lung cancer care and outcomes in Victoria.

Data variations were:

  • Significant variation in five-year survival between regional and metropolitan residents with lung cancer

  • Difference in the likelihood of receiving a tissue diagnosis across different ICS

  • Some data suggests timeliness of diagnosis and treatment is an issue

Consumer Perspective: Lung Cancer

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