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Head and Neck Cancers Summits

The Head and Neck Cancers 2018 Summit was held Friday 12 October at the RACV City Club, Melbourne. One hundred and one participants were in attendance.


Professor Bob Thomas, Chair, Australia's Cancer Advisory Council, opened the Summit and spoke on patient-centred care with a reminder that clinicians are responsible for patient outcomes along a pathway of care.


He defined the Optimal Care Pathway as the:

  • organisation

  • process

  • policy

  • development

  • creation

of a framework for improved patient outcome, delivered by everyone involved in patient care.


Professor Thomas highlighted in particular the need to focus on coordination of care between clinicians and with health service providers.

Clinical Working Party

  • Vishal Boolell

  • Becky Chapman

  • Lawrence Cher

  • Jonathon Clark

  • Mike Dally

  • Andrew Danks (co-chair)

  • Rana Dhillon

  • Tony Dowling

  • Kate Drummond

  • Ronnie Frielich

  • Hui Gan (co-chair)

  • Martin Hunn

  • Craig Macleod

  • Paul Mitchell

  • Jenny Philip

  • Claire Phillips

  • Simone Reeves

  • Emma Reiterer

  • Ayesha Saqib

  • Mori Wada

Head and Neck Cancers 2018 Summit Material

Head & Neck Summit Material 2018

Policy Context

Ms Kathryn Whitfield, Assistant Director of Cancer Strategy and Development at the Department of Health and Human Services, discussed that one of the aims of the Victoria Cancer Plan 2016-2020 is to promote equitable care pathways for all regions of the state.


For head and neck cancers there is a recognised need to increase early detection of oral cancers. She noted the Summit is part of a coordinated system response designed to improve cancer care. Ms Whitfield showcased examples from previous summits where improvements have been generated by clinician-led local action on variations.

Head & Neck 2018 Summit Data Presentation

Presented by Stephen Tudge and Andrew Coleman

Variations for Discussion at the Summit

The Head and Neck Cancers 2018 Summit Clinical Working Party Co-chairs Stephen Tudge and Andrew Coleman presented seven variations based on existing data sources for discussion at the Summit.


The seven variations were:

  1. Many centers provide treatment for less than 10 patients per year (39 surgical, 12 radiotherapy)

  2. Many patients have treatment outside their ICS of residence

  3. The proportion of patients with evidence of an MDM discussion of their treatment was lower in Barwon & South Western and Loddon Mallee ICS

Consumer Perspective: Head & Neck Cancers

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