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Breast Summits

The Breast Cancer 2021 Summit was held online Friday 23 July. There were approximately 96 people in attendance and 85 active participants.


Prof Paul Mitchell, Victorian Tumour Summits Steering Committee Chair, introduced the Summit.


The Tumour Summits began as a way to meet the need of multidisciplinary team members to be able to engage with each other at a statewide level. Summits are designed to facilitate a dialogue on the quality of clinical care, using data and patient recommendations to inform discussion on unwarranted variations in patient experience and outcome.

Clinical Working Party

  • Dr Jane Fox (Co-chair)

  • Dr Belinda Yeo (Co-chair)

  • A/Prof Paul Mitchell

  • Prof Bruce Mann

  • Prof Sue Evans

  • Dr Jill Evans

  • Dr Inger Olesen

  • Gill Kruss

  • Dr Michelle White

  • Andrea  Cannon

  • Dr Karen Taylor

  • Dr Caroline Baker

  • Dr Rob Blum

Breast Cancer 2021 Summit Material

Breast Summit Material 2021
Breast Cancer 2021 Summit Introduction and Policy Context Presentation

Presented by Kathryn Whitfield

Cancer Support Treatment & Research Unit Director

Policy Context

Ms Kathryn Whitfield, Cancer Support Treatment & Research Unit Director, Department of Health, provided the policy context for the Summit.


The Tumour Summits are one of the key initiatives to help action the reform program of the Victorian cancer plan 2020–2024. Optimal care pathways can provide benchmarks for comparison to summit data, and for clinicians when developing ideas that will make the most meaningful and measurable difference to patients.

Breast Cancer 2021 Summit Data Presentation

Dr Belinda Yeo and Miss Jane Fox, clinical working party co-chairs

Data & Consumer Variations

Dr Belinda Yeo and Miss Jane Fox, clinical working party co-chairs, delivered the Summit data presentation.


Variations identified for discussion in small group work sessions were:


  1. Participation rates in MDMs across ICS and campuses within ICS – a number of campuses and regional areas are not reaching the target of 85% 

  2. Average supportive care screen tool completion rate of 54%, with variation across and within ICS – target of 80%

Breast Cancer 2021 Summit Consumer Recommendations Presentation

Presented by Patients Tanya Smith and Debbie Neilsen

Consumer Recognition Presentation

The Breast Cancer 2021 Summit patient group consists of 37 members with lived experience of breast cancer.


This group completed an online survey and a further 17 met in person and online to discuss experiences of Victorian breast cancer care. Patient representatives Tanya Smith and Debbie Neilsen presented at the Summit via video. There are four main themes that patients identified as areas for improvement. These are: managing initial diagnosis and treatment, coordinating care and support services, managing transition to survivorship, and supporting patients with metastatic disease.

Consumer Perspective: Breast Cancer

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