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VICS Optimal Care Summits

The VICS Optimal Care Summits program (previously known as the Victorian Tumour Summits) is an initiative of the Victorian Integrated Cancer Services (VICS) – a network of nine services across Victoria that connect health professionals and other stakeholders to improve care and support for all people affected by cancer. The VICS are supported by the Victorian Government. 

As a strategy of the Victorian Cancer Plan 2020–2024, these summits support the implementation of Optimal Care Pathways (OCPs). Evidence, engagement findings, and statewide data are provided for benchmarking against OCP guidelines and between different geographic regions in the state.

The team

The VICS Optimal Care Summits program and team are administered by the North Eastern Melbourne Integrated Cancer Service (NEMICS) on behalf of VICS.

The VICS Optimal Care Summits program reports to VICS Network Group – a committee comprising members from all nine Integrated Cancer Services, convened by the Victorian Department of Health’s Cancer Support, Treatment and Research unit.


Optimal care working groups

An optimal care working group is formed to guide the planning of each strategic consultation and summit, oversee data analysis and presentation, and guide the refinement of recommendations linked to the OCP guidelines. These working groups comprise cancer multidisciplinary clinical leaders, representatives from at least two Integrated Cancer Services, and other key stakeholders. 

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